Our Process

공간, 컨텐츠, 문화 및 기술전반에 대한 다양하고 복합적인 문제들에 대해 통섭적인 분석을 통해 새로운 개념을 도출하고,
그에 따른 실행 전략 및 실제로 운영가능한 사업으로 모델링 Feasibility Study & Business Modeling 합니다.

01. Tracing Problems

Human Behaviors in Space, Technology, Contents, Culture

Qualitative and quantitative research on players’ behavior in-site and the customer trends in general at various aspects like social, economic, technological and cultural issues and trends.

  • Trends from Macro to Micro
  • Demographic Statistics and Traffic Volume In-Site
  • Case Studies on Cultural, Business and Legal layers
  • Players’ Needs, Lifestyle, Behavior

02. Getting Insight

Cartography of Problem Issues, Redefining Keywords

Interpretation and repackaging in-depth research data, we’re doing segmentation, profiling and simulation of various aspects of given circumstances from macro to micro scale for getting insights.

  • Player Segmentation & Profiling
  • Chronological Repackaging of the Research Data
  • Space-Contents-Activity Matrix

03. Eco-system Concept

Creative, Innovative Concept toward Consilience

The Insight leads us to the standpoints for desired solutions. Not to be dominated by one  strong point of view, we balance each viewpoints, which comes out the new concept and primary objectives.

  • Insights and Concept Keywords
  • Key Values for Paradigm Shift
  • Eco-System Architecture and Objectives

04. Strategic Scenario

Guidelines for Decision-Making

Harmonize objectives and insights for materializing the new system concept in 4-d time-space called reality.

  • Players and Flow
  • Business Positioning
  • Interweaving Contents and Space as Media
  • Linking On-Off Space Together
  • User Experience Guidelines

05. System Architecture

Programming and Implementation Plan

Abstract Model into Organic Information-Architecture with suitable Contents and Activities

  • Space Programming and Zoning and Circulation
  • Events and Contents Programming
  • Operational Programming and Manpower Plan
  • User Persona and Experience Scenario
  • Design Guidelines

06. Ideas into Numbers

Making the Plan Practicable and Feasible

Finalize Abstract Architecture into Numbers. Numerical and Financial Alternatives for Implementation

  • Initial and Operation Cost Evaluation
  • Income Estimate and Overall Cash Flow
  • Business Structure Analysis and Business Modeling
  • Business Scenario and Financial Strategy

Sharing Our Ideas for the Better Future. We believe innovative ideas can change the world to be a better place to live together.


ARCHIE enjoys problem-solving with multi-disciplinary way based on the architectural working process. For the advanced performance, archie researches up-to-date theoretical issues on the media art &IT technologies, the latest science theories, cultural science and humanities etc.
건축적 프로세스에 기반한 다양한 학제적이며 통합된 방식의 문제해결을 즐깁니다. 최신의 인문, 과학, 기술 그리고 문화, 예술 등에 대한 지속적인 연구를 통해 이론적/경험적 기반을 상시적으로 준비하여 어떤 프로젝트를 마주하더라도 최적의 결과를 도출하려 노력합니다.

창의적인 문제해결

Based on strong research about human behavior and contents in multi-layered environment, we give a project a unique point of view which enables us to reach the creative solution.

혁신적인 컨셉과 전략 제시

We design a strong integrated system concept with players and their inter-connected event flows. And propose diverse UX strategies and scenario with responsive design/operational guidelines.

실행가능한 수치적 모델링

Not only the strategy, we perform the feasibility studies including initial cost, operation cost, income estimation in every detail and overall cash-flows for client to choose concrete business model options.

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Various Sectors

We Love Projects From Private, Commercial Sectors To Public, Social Sectors
다양한 섹터의 다양한 클라이언트들을 만나 프로젝트들을 수행해오고 있습니다.