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Soovin HK. Bae
Space Design & Strategy / Registered Architect 建築士

Began the career as an architect.
Led various Space Marketing and Retail Marketing projects at Cheil worldwide.
Now working at ARCHIEBRAIN the firm, specially in Space Strategy & Design.
Passionate about Space Marketing and Brand Experiences.
Approach retail customer experiences from a design-thinking perspective.

Working with aRchie since 2012

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Hyunji Yoo
Researcher / Human Behavior Specialist / Choreographer 按舞家

Majored in Ballet & Choreography
at EWHA Women’s University and Graduate School
Until 2008, worked as a Choreographer to express herself with body movement
Now working as a researcher to express the status of the world with data manipulation
Someday wanna be a musician/Sound Artist

Working with aRchie since 2010

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Kyusung Oh
Business Planning & Strategy / 古建築專門家

Majored in Architecture and Mechanical Engineering
Was a Planning Team Manager at ARCHFILM, and led many projects
for planning and business operation in architectural and IT business
Became a traditional architecture restoration specialist, giving lectures and writings
Taking roles in business strategy, space planning and project management at the Firm.

Working with aRchie since 2002

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