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Soovin HK. Bae
Space Design & Strategy / Registered Architect 建築士

Began the career as an architect.
Led various Space Marketing and Retail Marketing projects at Cheil worldwide. Now working at ARCHIEBRAIN the firm, specially in Space Strategy & Design. Passionate about Space Marketing and Brand Experiences. Approach retail customer experiences from a design-thinking perspective.

Working with aRchie since 2012

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Hyunji Yoo
Researcher / Human Behavior Specialist / Choreographer 按舞家

Majored in Ballet & Choreography
at EWHA Women’s University and Graduate School. Until 2008, worked as a Choreographer to express herself with body movement. Now working as a planner & researcher to express the status of the world with data manipulation.
Someday wanna be a musician/Sound Artist

Working with aRchie since 2010

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Kyusung Oh
Business Planning & Strategy / 古建築專門家

Majored in Architecture and Mechanical Engineering
Was a Planning Team Manager at ARCHFILM, and led many projects for planning and business operation in architectural and IT business.
Became a traditional architecture restoration specialist, giving lectures and writings. Taking roles in business strategy, space planning and project management at the Firm.

Working with aRchie since 2002

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Oseok Lee
C.T.O / Online Platform Developer

Has been C.T.O since ARCHFILM, had various experience on web & mobile linkage development in the telecom platform. Project Leader of the world first Mobile Avatar solution and launched on KTF and Microsoft messenger platform. Currently developing the WE:TRIX online platform system for LIFE LIVERARY Project.

Working with aRchie since 2000

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Heejung Jung
Writer / Planner

Majored in Film writing. During College, worked on short films as a on film scenario writer, cinematographer, editor and director. After graduated from college, worked on various projects like webtoon, advertisement, marketing and planning. Wanna be an author of a book everyone can enjoy while eating watermelon during a summers night. These days listening to different peoples life stories.

Working with aRchie since 2013

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ARCHIEBRAIN provides creative and innovative concept and strategy for Space, Contents, Technology, Culture issues. The firm is doing the whole scope of Planning, Design & Consulting projects – Space Programming, Master Planning, Urban Development Feasibility Studies and Consulting for Project Financing etc. Specialty lies on architectural issues mixed with cultural, lifestyle contents…


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ARCHIE believes average fine-looking works can be the product of close relationship with clients through well-organized working process. But the real innovative solutions the firm pursues are mostly established with our creative ideas and knowledge dealing the facts into reborn information architecture. Not only the Contents themselves but also Evolving Interfaces.


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Our role varies with the nature and scale of each project. More than Research – Planning – Consulting services, we have diverse experiences in Design Practice and Cultural Contents/Events Operation & Management. And we have a great interest in Social Values & Apprehensive Technology projects with opening-sharing our ideas to make this world a better place to live together.



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