aRchie WS. Kim
Generalist Architect / CEO, Founder

Majored in Architecture.
Studied Environmental Design and Computer Aided Design Methodology at Graduate School.
Started the career at Hyundai Engineering and Construction co.ltd as a researcher.
Founded his own company in 1999.
Since then has been running business between Real Space and Virtual Space.
Working as a Generalist Architect with the career of Total Consulting Projects
(Planning, Design, Business Modeling & Feasibility Study) since 2005.

Wanna be a Musician and Novelist.

aRchie’s Brief Resume

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ARCHIE enjoys problem-solving with multi-disciplinary way based on the architectural working process. For the advanced performance, archie researches up-to-date theoretical issues on the media art & IT technologies, the latest science theories, cultural science and humanities etc.


App Developer / Brand Designer / Business Architect / Concept Architect / Contents Curator / Creative Director / Cultural Planner / Event Programmer / Graphic & Visual Designer / Interior Designer / IT Technology Architect / Space Architect / Strategic Planner & Consultant / Web Designer etc


Media Art Technology / Quatum Mechanics / Solving Social Problems / Appropriate Technology, AT / Urban Farming / Futurology / The Next Generation Economic & Education System / Awakening Methods / Writing Novels / Balancing the visible and the invisible / Making Theories on Contents Cities & Universe

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