Brian Eno

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Brian Eno
from “Now You See it” Hypersymposium, The Wire, May 1996, with contributions from Eno, DJ Spooky and Peter Gabriel, amongst others.

“What’s interesting about music is not the music, actually. I don’t care what it’s like, I don’t care about the sounds, I don’t really care about how they’re made. What I care about is where this fits in the conversation with culture. Something like [“Your Love Is A 187″] fits in a very complicated way, because of all of its references and callbacks to other ideas and other cultural theories… Everybody can make music, because there’s a whole technology that makes it dead easy. So what becomes interesting about the future of music is what cultural baggage you fit into that, or what the frame is that you put that music in.”

“Old ideas never disappear, new ones just get added.”

“Music is not actually that interesting in itself. What I think all of us here are interested in is what happens when music hits its culture, what it does to people, what new types of thought it allows.”