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Tested on Arduino UNO (ATMega32)
음소를 생성해서 단어를 인지하는 로직인듯. 아직 잡음제거 기능은 없다고 함 but 가볍게 쓸만한 소스.
유사한 로직으로 조만간 Brainwave로 음소생성이 가능한지 테스트해보면 재미날 듯.

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Algorithm Description from the developer

The library utilizes a special algorithm to enable speech detection. First the complexity of the signal is determined by taking the absolute derivative of the signal multiplying it by a fixed point scalar and then dividing it by the absolute integral of the signal. Consonants (other than R,L,N and M) have a value above 40 and vowels have a value below 40. Consonants, they can be divided into fricatives and plosives. Plosives are like p or b whereas fricatives are like s or z. Generally each band of the complexity coefficient (abs derivative over abs integral) can be matched to a small set of fricatives and plosives. The signal determines if it is a plosive or a fricative by watching the length of the utterance (plosives occur over short periods while fricatives over long). Finally the most appropriate character is chosen.